Introducing our head Jiu Jitsu instructor

J.R. Cardona 
Over 35 years in Martial arts 
Multiple black belts/Black belt BJJ

IBJJF Certified
A few mentions...

*Jiu Jitsu
•Masters Gracie Open 
•Double gold medalist
•Masters grapplers quest 
•Double gold medalist
•Masters grapplers X 
•Double gold medalist


*Kung fu

•4 time state champion
•2 time national champion
•Over 50 Gold medals

More to come!

Christopher Cardona
  • Active Martial Artist since 1997
  • IBJJF Certified Jiu Jitsu Black belt
  • Tae Kown Do Black Belt 
  • Boxing 12+ years experience
  • Active competitor
  • Teaches basic philosophy, mindfulness, respect and honor to students

Felipe Heidrich

IBJJF Certified 3rd degree Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu 

25+ Years of experience, 10+ teaching

Trained Internationally (Brazil, Canada, and USA)

Studied at renowned BJJ academies including Alliance, Nova União, Brazilian Top Team, and Gracie Figther (current)

Competed in some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world

Winner of:

 South Brazilian Champion 

 Santa Catarina Champion

 Montreal Open Champion

 Toronto Open Champion

(and several others)

Brandon Cardona


Tae Kwon Do
Master Wais Hakimi 

One of the only 6th degree Tae Kwon Do black belts in California.

2nd degree black belt in Ninjutsu

Well respected in the Tae Kwon Do community and has been in Tracy, CA for over 20 years.

Great with knowledge to share and get your child to the next level.

Rob & Branden Rullan

Rob Rullan-
•District champ 5th Grade
•Okinawa, Japan (Freestyle) Island wide Champ •Freshmen Year (9th)
•Sierra High School – wrestling Coach (4 years)
•Lancers Youth Wrestling Club- Wrestling Coach (3 •years)
•Trained Brandon Rullan. (Open Mat's Assistant coach)

Branden Rullan-
•2015 1st Place CAUSA Wrestling Frosh/Soph Tournament
•2016 4th Place, CA SJS Masters 
•2016 CA State Qualifier 3-2 (Out Bracket)
•2016 3rd Place CAUSA Wrestling Frosh/Soph Tournament
•2016 CAUSA Association Team Duals (Freestyle/Greco)
•2017 4th Place, CA SJS Masters
•2017 CA State Qualifier 3-2 (2nd Day, top 16)
•2017 1st Place (All American), National Worlds Tournament, RENO, Nevada 
•2017 Junior College, CA State Placer, 8th Place


J.C Dana

  • Boxing 8 years experience

  • Pro License Boxing/MMA coach under "Sarge" David Neeleman at Dreamland Boxing

  • Qualified with cornering fighters and wrapping hands for boxing/MMA

  • Specializes in movement, balance and coordination with any type of athelete


Heather Lewis

Introducing Fitness/Cardio Kickboxing instructor

Heather Lewis!

Active Kickboxing Practitioner 9 Years
Active Muay Thai Practioner
Kickboxing Coach since 2016
Spartan Trifecta Finisher 2016
-2016 Sprint
-2016 Super
-2016 Beast
-2017 Sprint
-2017 Super
Physical Fitness Coach
CSA Coaches Clinic 2018
Certified Personal Trainer 2018
Avid outdoorsman 30+ years

Emphasizes proper form and technique to maximize results while avoiding stress and injury.

Personal goals are to help others reach fitness milestones in a safe and controlled environment, while focusing on individual levels and abilities.